Emotional Workouts – The Solution For Emotional Weight

Introduction: We Can’t Stop Life, But We Can Master It

Part 1: Remove Junk Food

Workout #1: Fear: Primal Fears, Bullshit Fears, and You
Workout #2: Dread: Stop Feeling Weighed Down and Start Feeling Light
Workout #3: Judgement: The Inner Judge is Destroying Your Life
Workout #4: Assumptions: Get Curious, Get Open, and Get Surprised
Workout #5: Taking It Personally: It’s Not All About You
Workout #6: Can’t and Shouldn’t: Your Self-Talk is Hurting You
Workout #7: Significance: Get Over Yourself and Do The Work
Workout #8: The Lie of “I’m Not Enough”: It’s Only True If You Believe It
Workout #9: Anger: Stop Being So Pissed Off and Deal with Your Emotions
Workout #10: There’s No Right and There’s No Wrong: Deal With the Reality of Life
Workout #11: Blame: Stop Copping Out and Own Your Life
Workout #12: Victim: The World is Not Happening To You
Workout #13: Shame: You’re Flawed, You’re Imperfect, But That’s Okay
Workout #14: Success: Take a Risk – It’s the Only Way
Workout #15: Rejection: Don’t Let It Stop You

Part Two: Add Nutritional Thoughts

Workout #16: Narrative: The Story You Tell Yourself Defines Your Life
Workout #17: Boundaries: Living From Yourself, Not Other People
Workout #18: Surrender: Letting Go of What You Can’t Control
Workout #19: Outcomes: Living Intentionally
Workout #20: Speak Impeccably: The Power of Integrity in Your Words
Workout #21: Being Curious of Yourself: Get Curious, Fix Everything
Workout #22: Control Your Thoughts: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
Workout #23: Contribution: Love Your Talents and Give Them To The World
Workout #24: Self-Worth: Valuing Who You Really Are
Workout #25: Self-Love: Loving Yourself Isn’t New Age B.S.
Workout #26: Emotional Habits: Replace the Bad with the Good
Workout #27: Abundance: The Secret to Living in Abundance
Workout #28: Growth: Stop Being Helpless and Start Growing
Workout #29: Authenticity: Find, Live, and Practice Living From Your Inner Voice
Workout #30: Celebrate Wins: Celebrate Daily, Get Happier
Workout #31: Attachment: Accept the Moment for What It Is
Workout #32: Joy: The Final Emotional Peak
Workout #33: Life Design: Design Your Life How You Want It (Not Others)
Workout #34: Compassion: Get Connected To Humanity
Workout #35: Time: Stop Being Victim To Your Own Schedule
Workout #36: Self-Compassion: Be Nice To Yourself
Workout #37: Gratitude: Your Life is Better Than You Think
Workout #38: Faith: Remaining Resilient
Workout #39: Cultivate Talent: Grow Your Skills (Not Other People’s)

Conclusion: Work the Process and Get the Results

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