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Ashley Turner: Walking the Winding Path of Authentic Truth

In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I had a deep conversation with Ashley Turner, a yoga instructor, marriage and family psychotherapy intern, and an ordained priestess.

As you can tell, Ashley does a lot. She blends eastern and western practices in her path to living authentically, even becoming an ordained priestess. I wasn’t totally sure what that entailed, but she explains it in this episode.

She goes into how to blend eastern-western yoga techniques, meditation, philosophy and traditional western psychotherapy into building a life that is deeply authentic and meaningful. She is someone who has been on the path of authenticity her whole life and she really goes into a lot of detail about how she keeps that truth alive in her life on a daily and sometimes even hourly basis.

I know you’re going to love today’s show, check it out and thank you again so much for listening.

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Show Notes

  • Ashley explains how she got into yoga [03:14]
  • How she “took yoga off the mat” [04:50]
  • What “yoga off the mat” really means [05:50]
  • What issues she sees with her clients time and time again [08:47]
  • How she balances Eastern and Western practices [11:19]
  • What the word “surrender” means to her [13:11]
  • How she actually practices surrendering in moments of despair [17:23]
  • How she became an ordained priestess [19:00]
  • What an authentic life means to her [23:57]
  • The habits that help her keep living her authentic truth [27:42]

About Ashley Turner


Ashley is not only an M.A., MFTI yoga meditation instructor, she is a marriage and family psychotherapy intern, writer…and also an ordained priestess.

She has been on list as 100 Most Influential Yoga Instructors in the US, 40 Under 40 health and wellness sector of the Wall Street MNA advisory list.

She is the founder of Yoga Psych and Soul, advance yoga psychotherapy training, the cofounder of Urban Priestess and the creator of nine bestselling yoga DVD’s and online courses
and co-author of Aroma Yoga.

More About Ashley:

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