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Zach Obront: On Finding a Business That’s Authentic

In this episode of Art of Authenticity I had a deep conversation with Zach Obront, the co-founder of Book in a Box, about his new company and authentic entrepreneurship.

Zach and I go back quite a bit. I met Zach because I was launching of my book Emotional Obesity, and at the time Zach was a guy who was helping others like myself launch books. So, we have an interesting history together and it ties in to Zach’s business, Book in a Box.

Zach is here to talk about entrepreneurship. How he tried a whole bunch of different things, something took off, and what that process looked like in real time. He really dives into the details here, so for anyone trying to get something started or move it into the next level, Zach has a really candid, honest discussion here.

He also talks about working on a business that is meaningful and authentic and fun.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I’m sure you’ll love today’s episode.

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Show Notes

  • How Zach and Tucker found a business that “took off” [02:43]
  • How Book in a Box was the obvious choice out of a multitude of author-focused businesses [07:42]
  • Why it’s better to do everything for authors instead of piecemeal [08:31]
  • What he says to authors who say “I just want to write a book” [09:42]
  • Thinking through a book as a businessperson vs. as an author [11:02]
  • The Book in a Box process and how it enables more people to share their story [12:11]
  • Definition of success for an author [14:20]
  • How BIAB helps authors define their goals [16:21]
  • How he decided to shut down all other businesses to focus on Book in a Box [17:44]
  • Why it was hard for him to let go [19:11]
  • The next 12 months for Book in a Box [21:05]
  • What an authentic life means to Zach [24:12]
  • Why he journals…a lot [25:13]
  • On if he had a “turning point moment” [29:38]
  • On why people don’t finish what they start [30:55]
  • Other things he does besides journaling to stay authentic [32:10]

About Zach Obront


Zach is a cofounder of Book in a Box. Book in a Box is a new type of publishing company focused on allowing busy experts with important messages to share their book without the usual barriers. Writing a book can be almost impossible for people who are really busy so Book in a Box helps by transcribing the book for the expert, they grew from zero to 300 authors in a very short period.

More About Zach and Book in a Box:

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